Certificate of Merit

The Maine Section of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is continuing in 2024 to offer our Certificate of Achievement award to high school girls who have excelled in math and science during their high school careers. Our goal is to encourage young women currently attending secondary schools to continue studying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) classes in order to expand their educational opportunities and to consider engineering as a possible career choice.

Certificate of Merit Qualifications

Maine high school Junior Girl
One girl per school
Has excelled in math and sciences during high school career
Does not need to be considering engineering career

Please submit the name of a junior girl at your school who has excelled in math and sciences during her high school career. We ask that your school faculty or administration select a junior girl from your school to receive the Certificate of Achievement. She does not need to be considering an engineering career to be eligible for the award.

As per the Maine Department of Education and Cultural Services on Equal Education Opportunity, an educational institution may administer or assist in the administration of an award made to members of a particular sex, provided that the aggregate of all the awards of sex-restricted awards does not discriminate on the basis of sex. In other words, as long as the high school has other sex-restricted awards, such as football awards for young men, then the high school is not discriminating against either sex.

Please email questions and the following certificate information to me at certificates.swe@gmail.com. Note that the awards are distributed electronically as a Word file unless you specify a .pdf file.  

Apply for the SWE Maine – Certificate of Merit

Feel free to cut and paste the following in the body of an email to certificates.swe@gmail.com and add the appropriate information.

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