About Us

Professional Development

One of the biggest reasons our members get involved in SWE is for professional development. From formal events with an outside speaker to a casual webinar hosted by the SWE Advanced Learning Center, we organize events year-round to earn PDH. Join us on a local industry tour!


Our section has a history of collaborating with the Girl Scouts, but our Outreach Committee is open to getting involved in any K-12 STEM event. 

Corporate Relations

The impact SWE has on achieving gender equity in engineering and technology is powered not only by our members, but also the organizations that share and support our vision. We are interested in partnering with local employers in Maine to collaborate on event planning, to obtain financial support for our programs, and also to provide career opportunities to our members.


Planning on attending a college to study engineering? Our scholarship program is now offering $1,000 for the selected woman senior high school student who is planning on studying engineering or related field. Lucinda Pype is our Scholarship Chair. 

Certificate of Merit

We are proud to continue our recognition of junior girls in high school who have achieved math and science excellence. Please contact our Certificate Coordinator, Anne Dunham at certificates.swe@gmail.com.  

Collegiate Relations

Our section has a strong history of collaboration with the University of Maine collegiate section in Orono. 

City Hub Hosts

Since our membership is spread out across the state, we have a balance between in-person and virtual events throughout the year to maintain our connection. The hosts in each major city hub are responsible for organizing social events throughout the year, from our holiday party to an end-of-year summer picnic.

Evelyn Beebe

Jess Oriente

Anne Carter

Libby Donovan and Tracy Perfitt are co-hosts.